četrtek, 27. november 2008

Blogging in tertiary education

Sulčič, Viktorija. 2008. Blogging in tertiary education. In Proceedings of the IADIS international conference. Freiburg : IADIS, 2008. pp. 27-33.

Because blogging is spreading around the world we implemented it in a renewed e-business postgraduate course. In the paper, a short blog history is presented and its usage in education. At our faculty, blogging was implemented as a study activity to supports a postgraduate student research work. According to the survey results blogging helps students to become more familiar with blogging, which represent well known Web 2.0 technologies, to help them acquire materials
for their research assignments and to extend their knowledge. Blogging also helps them to work online more efficiently.

Blogging in tertiary education

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